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What you need to know.

The need for nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care facilities has grown substantially with our aging population. We all know someone that has been a resident in one of these facilities. It’s a part of life. No matter how difficult the circumstances are surrounding the placement of a loved-one into a nursing home, we all want the best care for our loved-ones. It is important to research the facilities where you are going to place your loved-ones if the need arises. Most nursing homes do a good job of providing safe environments and appropriate medical care for our loved-ones. Even the best nursing homes make mistakes. Some facilities have a history of providing less than ideal care for our loved-ones. We have also heard the horror stories of loved-ones being neglected, not being monitored properly, and not receiving the proper care they deserve. Nursing home negligence results in death, substantial injury, and/or advancing the degeneration of a loved-one’s health. No one deserves that kind of treatment. It is important to know that claims against nursing homes falls under the category for medical/professional malpractice. Generally speaking, in Ohio these claims must be brought within one (1) year of the date of the incident.

Why you need an attorney

Nursing home negligence claims are complicated and navigating nursing home negligence claims yourself can be a daunting task. These types of claims require certification from an appropriate medical professional. Your attorney needs to work closely with the appropriate medical professional to gain a clear understanding of the claim to best represent you and/or your loved-one’s interest. Our attorneys will work closely with medical professionals to effectively represent you or your loved-one that has been a victim of nursing home negligence. Call us to discuss your case today.
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