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What you need to know when dealing with a medical malpractice.

Don’t delay discussing your case with an attorney. Ohio law applies a one year statute of limitations on medical negligence claims. If you do not act to protect your legal rights, you may lose your ability to ever pursue the claim based on this short statute of limitations.

Medical negligence claims are complicated and require the expertise of medical professional in order to determine the claim’s viability.  Ohio law requires that a medical professional provide an affidavit of merit with respect to each claim of medical negligence filed.  You need a medical professional to review your medical records and to attest to the likelihood of medical negligence in your case in order to have a viable claim.  Medical negligence claims present many litigation issues including higher litigation expenses based on the requirements of having medical expert witnesses involved.

What you should do if you suspect that you or a loved-one is the victim of medical negligence?

Talk to a different doctor.  If you are injured from a medical procedure and suspect that the attending doctor might have made a mistake, get a second opinion. While it might be true that some doctors are reluctant to point fingers at other doctors for making mistakes, good doctors are willing to admit when a mistake has been made and advise their patients accordingly.

Get all of you medical records pertaining to the treatment in question as soon as possible and have the claim reviewed by a medical professional through your attorney.  Your attorney will work hand-in-hand with the appropriate medical expert to assess your claim and seek proper compensation based on the extent of your injuries and other factors.

Your potential damages in a medical negligence claim are not limited to the immediate medical bills incurred.  You might be facing a lifetime of issues associated with the mistake your doctor made.  It is important to factor in the extent and cost of the medical treatment throughout your lifetime that you will need to address the doctor’s mistake.   You might be facing a lifetime of disability, which precludes you from returning to work and providing for your family. Lost earnings capacity is a factor that must be considered in these cases as well. Undoubtedly you have endured pain, suffering, and loss of the enjoyment of life to some extent.  Your spouse and your children lived through this experience with you, and this evidence must be presented in your claim.

If you have any questions about your medical negligence or medical malpractice issue, our experienced attorneys are ready to discuss your claim.

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