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Car Accident Lawyers in Akron, Ohio. We have accident attorney offices in Akron, Cleveland, Willoughby and Westlake Ohio aggressively helping the injured throughout Ohio. If you have been injured in a car accident contact our car accident lawyers immediately.

What you need to know if you need a car accident lawyer.

Everyone’s life has been touched by a car accident or car accident lawyer in some way. We all know a friend or family member that has been involved in auto accidents ranging from minor fender benders, to major accidents, causing loss of life or limb.

Car insurance companies prefer to resolve car accident claims quickly and cheaply without car accident lawyers. They try to prevent you from hiring a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney knowing that they may very well be short-changing accident victims. Very rarely are car insurance companies looking out for your best interest. Even your own insurance company will seek to pay as little as possible on uninsured and under-insured claims. After all, insurance companies are in business to make money.

The car insurance company will call you and try to get you to make a recorded statement before you have the opportunity to hire a personal injury attorney or car accident lawyer with offices in Akron, Willoughby, Cleveland and Westlake Ohio. If you plan on hiring a car accident lawyer, it is advisable that you not make this recorded statement until and unless your attorney is present and/or you have consulted with him/her.

What you should do if you are involved in a car accident.

Your health and safety are number one. Don’t do anything to risk further injuring yourself and others involved in the accident. Before obtaining a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney, If able, call the police immediately and obtain descriptive information of the parties and vehicles involved. If you can, try to relocate yourself and others safely. You should only do so if you are not risking further injury to yourself or others. Ideally you want to leave your vehicles in the same location in which they stopped after the accident. For some minor fender benders when liability cannot be disputed, it is okay to move the vehicles to the side of the road safely. However, it is preferred that you keep your vehicles where they stopped, if at all possible, in order for authorities to properly document and investigate the accident.

When speaking with the other individuals involved in the accident, do not admit anything regarding fault. Do not apologize to anyone involved in the accident as this might be construed as an admission of fault. The last thing you want someone to do is have your kindness used against you should an issue of fault arise.

If you have any doubts about your physical condition, go to the hospital immediately. Make certain that you describe your symptoms to the medical professionals as clearly as possible. Don’t sugar-coat your feelings. Try to be as accurate as possible regarding the location and intensity of pain and other symptoms.

Some accident victim’s symptoms worsen within a day or so of the accident. So don’t be surprised if you feel worse within the next few days. If your symptoms worsen, seek additional medical assistance. The old maxim “better be safe than sorry” couldn’t be any more true when dealing with your health following a car/auto accident.

Aggressive Car Accident Lawyers helping the Injured in Akron, Cleveland, Willoughby, Elyria and most of Ohio

There are many issues that arise when you are involved in an auto/car accident. You should spend your energy focusing on feeling better and let our experienced car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers helping the injured in Akron, Willoughby, Cleveland, Elyria and most of Ohio handle your bodily injury claim.