Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense

Foreclosure Defense

The attorneys at the Kasunic Law Firm offer representation in foreclosure defense. In Ohio, certain procedures must be followed to properly proceed with foreclosure and commence to a sheriff sale. We as experienced attorneys will assess your foreclosure proceeding, regardless of the current stage, to determine what options are available in defending the foreclosure of your home.

If the Kasunic Law Firm is retained in the early stages of your foreclosure, mediation is available. We can negotiate a modification while at mediation to prevent further foreclosure action. To assist modification, we can guide you through the various government programs that are available.

Kasunic Law Firm attorneys will be there to assist you in all aspects of the levitra coupon foreclosure process from the initial procedural requirements, to negotiating at mediation, or advising alternative methods in defense, including bankruptcy relief or a deed in lieu/short sale in the even an agreement cannot be made.

Mortgage Modification Assistance

If you are experiencing difficulty in making your monthly mortgage payments or are currently in arrears, a home loan modification may assist you in retaining your residence by providing you with a lower mortgage payment. This may not only prevent a foreclosure (to your benefit) but may also save your lender the cost and hassle of a foreclosure proceeding. The lower payment may be accomplished by lowering your loan’s interest or financing rate, by deferring payments or extending the term of your loan.

The modification process is frequently frustrating and stressful for homeowners. Continually changing document requirements, confusing forms and difficulty in reaching mortgage representatives can lead to stress and anxiety as well as prolong the modification process to the detriment of the homeowner.

Kasunic Law Firm attorneys will complete all required paperwork on your behalf, advise as to which documents are necessary and be in constant contact with your lenders to ensure that you are not lost in the mortgage company’s paperwork shuffle. The attorneys will provide you with regular updates and ensure that your application remains current and in front of a representative.

Should a mortgage modification not be feasible, attorneys will advise you on other relief options. A deed in lieu of foreclosure or a short sale may be to your best benefit.